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Car AC Repair & Services

Firestone Complete Auto Care is your local
A/C service & repair shop.


When auto air conditioning systems break down or wear out, refrigerant can leak. Not only is refrigerant harmful to the environment, but it can also damage your vehicle's evaporator and compressor. Getting a vehicle's air conditioner serviced at the first sign of trouble can save you both money and time. Visit a Firestone Complete Auto Care near you for A/C services and repairs to help keep your air conditioning system cool and in check.


Is your car’s A/C broken? Don’t sweat it. If your car’s air conditioner isn’t working right, the automotive professionals can diagnose the problem with an A/C Performance Check. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, your car is in good hands with our expert auto technicians. We'll examine your car's A/C system to see if there is a leak –and if there is, we'll stop it before it can affect anything else.

When temperatures rise, there's nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cool, air-conditioned car. Over time, however, A/C fittings can become loose, and O-rings, hoses, and seals wear out and your refreshingly icy blast stops! Our expert auto technicians offer quality car A/C service and repair at great, affordable prices. When you visit a Firestone Complete Auto Care, your vehicle will be serviced right the first time—we guarantee it. That's the Firestone Triple Promise.

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Your car’s A/C needs to be maintained to ensure you and your passengers stay cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside.

Furthermore, A/C maintenance service can help prevent expensive mechanical problems down the road. For instance, if the refrigerant level is too low, it could result in your A/C compressor not getting enough cooling or lubrication, leading to severe damageto your A/C system.


At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we're familiar with your manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to help keep your vehicle better maintained and on the road longer. While we recommend bringing your vehicle in according to the manufacturer's suggestions, it’s usually recommended that your car’s A/C system be thoroughly inspected at least once a year. If anything seems out of the ordinary with the A/C between routine maintenance appointments, you should get it checked out.

How Is A/C Service Performed?

Every A/C service starts with an inspection of the A/C components. A technician will test your A/C's performance and controls, then conduct a state-of-the-art charge test. If a repair or recharge is needed, the technician will go over it with you before doing any work.

A/C Recharge Service

If your car’s refrigerant level is low, a technician can recharge your A/C system with a refrigerant top-off service. If it has been years since your A/C has been checked, an evacuation and recharge (emptying the old refrigerant and replacing it) in some cases can greatly improve the performance of your A/C system.

Auto A/C Repair at Firestone Complete Auto Care

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, you're always in control. After diagnosing the issue with your car’s air conditioner, we’ll discuss your auto A/C repair options so that you can make an informed decision about your vehicle.

Our expert technicians can repair all of the components of your vehicle’s A/C. Find a Firestone Complete Auto Care store near you for your A/C service and repair needs.


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