How to Pick the Best Tires for Your Truck

  • Sep 24,2018
close up of back left Firestone truck tire in a garage close up of back left Firestone truck tire in a garage

Truck tires are more than tires. They’re an extension of your truck's fine craftsmanship and your tough work ethic.

That's why you can't put any old set of tires on a truck. Follow along to learn how to find the best truck tires for you. It’s a straightforward process, but an important one to make sure you and your truck can get the job done right.

5 Steps for Finding the Best Truck Tires

1. Get your priorities straight.

There are several types of truck tires: all-season, all-terrain, and off-road. Which one is right for your driving style?

  • All-season tires: All-season truck tires are a great fit if you use your truck for a variety of tasks that keep you in the city or on the highway. They’re rugged enough for job-site driving and heavy hauling, but nimble enough to help keep you moving regardless of the weather.
  • All-terrain tires: Think less “every day” and more “effort” with all-terrain tires. These tires provide the confident traction you need—rain, snow, or shine. Through any terrain, expect a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Off-road tires: We get it. Keeping a truck on the road… is like keeping a toy in its package. Off-road truck tires are designed to handle all types of unpredictable conditions you run into off the beaten (or paved) path. They’ll get you to the most remote places and work so well you’ll want to stay there.

2. Consult your owner's manual.

Your owner’s manual contains information about the kinds of tires best suited for your truck. It’s a great place to get specifics on tire type, width, construction, and more. The numbering and lettering on the truck’s current tires (check the tire sidewalls) provide some of this info, but refer to the manual in case there was a mistake made the last time your truck tires were replaced. A previous owner may not have followed the recommendations in the owner's manual.

3. Trust truck people.

The folks who drive or service trucks know from experience—and passion—which tires will deliver the best performance and most miles.

4. Avoid common mistakes.

When you’re wondering where to buy truck tires, remember how hard your truck works. It might be tempting to consider a well-written Craigslist ad offering tires for sale or cheap warehouse club wheels, but think twice. Knowledgeable support from a respected source is worth its weight in gold.

Another mistake some people make is selecting passenger-car tires for their trucks. Sure, it might save you a little bit of money up front, but you’ll need the truck tires’ higher load-carrying capacity to keep your truck performing its best.

5. Look beyond the tires.

Once you know what type of truck tire you’re looking for, know where to get them. Expertise, reliability, and reputation matter when it comes to truck tires.

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