3 Toyota Camry Services You Don’t Want to Overlook

  • Sep 5,2018
woman giving thumbs up out the window of a Toyota Camry woman giving thumbs up out the window of a Toyota Camry

Whether new or used, the Toyota Camry ranks among the most popular cars on American roads, primarily because of its affordability and reliability. However, as dependable as the Camry is, like any car, things can go wrong.

So, if you drive a Camry, stay on top of these few Toyota Camry maintenance services to ensure your car remains reliable. Based on issues reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, here are three items that should be on the service checklist of every Toyota Camry owner.

Consult your manufacturer recommendations for specific guidance on Toyota Camry service intervals.

1. Oil Change

Some Toyota Camry owners have reported running into motor oil problems, including over-consumption and burn-off. You could be experiencing this too, if:

  • Your check engine or oil change light is on.
  • The inside of your car smells like burning oil.
  • Blueish smoke comes out of your exhaust while the car is running.

Regular oil changes are critical to maintaining a healthy engine. If you stick to the recommended schedule for oil changes, your Toyota Camry’s engine can run newer and longer.

Professional auto technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care locations around the country perform more than 6 million oil changes every year. Each oil change comes with a free 19-point inspection to help ensure your Toyota Camry stays in tip-top shape.

2. Brake Check

In some cases, particularly with Toyota Camrys that have lots of miles on the odometer, drivers have reported issues with a component of the anti-lock braking system called the actuator. You might be experiencing this issue if:

  • Your ABS (anti-lock braking system) light is on.
  • It takes more effort to brake than usual.
  • The brake pedal is unresponsive.
  • Your speedometer isn't working (in rare cases).

If you suspect something is wrong with your brake system, head to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. You can get a free brake check that’ll diagnose any issues. The experts at Firestone Complete Auto Care do nearly 1 million brake repairs each year.

3. Electrical System Check

Some Toyota Camry owners have reported that their dashboard warning lights go on and off at random. This occurrence may be due to a faulty oxygen sensor. Your Camry’s electrical system uses the oxygen sensor to automatically adjust to the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. A defective sensor could trigger the check engine light to come on, as well as cause other car problems that could trigger a dashboard light. You might be dealing with a faulty oxygen sensor if:

  • The check engine light is on.
  • Your fuel mileage suddenly decreases.
  • Your Camry fails a smog or emissions test.

Firestone Complete Auto Care has got you covered here, too. The expert technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care can perform a free check of your Camry’s electrical system and a check engine light diagnostic to figure out what’s at the root of your car’s problem and get you safely back on the road.

A Note About Recalls

While Firestone Complete Auto Care doesn’t do repairs involving safety recalls, we do want to alert you about important safety recalls affecting Toyota Camrys from 2007 through 2011 model years related to unintended acceleration.

If you have a Toyota Camry from one of those model years, contact Toyota or a Toyota dealership to see whether your car requires a repair to fix the problem. Or, enter your VIN number on SaferCar.org. If there’s an unaddressed safety recall for your vehicle, your manufacturer will fix the problem for free.

Routine maintenance isn't something you want to ignore if you hop behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry every day. Stay on top of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, and for all of your Toyota Camry service and repair needs, turn to Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our Triple Promise Guarantee means your Toyota Camry will be Fixed Right, Priced Right, and Done Right on Time.

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